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All original artwork has been created on 4' x 4' finished wood panels and prints are 40" x 40" (other sizes are available, contact me for details), with the actual image being 36" x 36". Prints are produced by Picture Salon and should not fade for a miniumum of eighty years!

Original pieces are sold at $1,750.00 and prints at $125.00 (plus shipping & handling). To purchase a print or an original piece, contact me at lchild@lchildart.com or go to my contact page to send me a message.

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Good Golly! Molly?
"Good Golly! Molly?" (48" x 48")
"Good Golly! Molly?"


Sitting Pretty
"I've Got My Eye On You" (48" x 48")
"I've Got My Eye On You"


I Have Found Me a Home
"...I Have Found Me a Home" (48" x 48")
"...I Have Found Me a Home"


Voodoo to You Too
"Voodoo to You Too" (48" x 48")
"Voodoo to You Too"


Frank Lloyd Almost
"Frank Lloyd Almost" (48" x 48")
"Frank Lloyd Almost"

In the collection of "Mike & Karen Glen Devore"


Down to Brass Sax
"Down to Brass Sax" (48" x 48")
"Down to Brass Sax"


Carribean Aire
"Carribean Aire" (48" x 48")
"Caribbean Aire"


Mello Jazz
"Mello Jazz" (48" x 48")
"Mello Jazz"


"Multitasking" (48" x 48")


Peace of My Mind
"Peace of My Mind" (48" x 48")
"Peace of My Mind"


I Dreamt of an Electric Cat
"I Dreamt of an Electric Cat" (48" x 48")
"I Dreamt of an Electric Cat"


How to Draw People...Really
"How to Draw People...Really" (48" x 48")
"How to Draw People...Really"


Geometry My Way
"Geometry My Way" (48" x 48")
"Geometry My Way"


Is that an Upside Down 8?
"Is that an Upside Down 8?" (48" x 48")
"Is that an Upside Down 8?"


The Arc...Triumphant!
"The Arc...Triumphant!" (48" x 48")
"The Arc...Triumphant!"


Eve Giving the Serpent What For
"Eve Giving the Serpent What For, After Realizing the Implications of Gender Assignment" (48" x 48")
"Eve Giving the Serpent What For, After Realizing the Implications of Gender Assignment"


If asked, I would probably like to be considered an articulate primitive.  I have always admired the power of images produced by those who are not trying to be powerful much less even attempting to impress.
I paint on square wooden panels.  When I was more traditional I never got much done because there was always a lack of canvas or stretchers or gesso or “valid” concepts.  There was always an excuse to not paint.
I got rid of my excuses by going down to Home Depot and buying a 4’x8’ inch piece of finished plywood and having them cut it in half.  I swapped out “valid” concepts for having fun and being willing to enter into a dialogue with my work.  I have also painted food vendor’s sheds, available doors, my jeep, an old bed sheet or three and even a couple of friends... literally.
As to subject matter, sometimes I feel like a nut… sometimes I don’t.  At times I like the purity of not dealing with an image and at other times images are the start of the conversation and yet at other times, images just seem to come out of nowhere while I think I am being non objective.  Go figure.
Lately I have been fascinated with musicians.  I am in awe of a musician’s ability to take an external object making it a part of their central nervous system so much so that they can spontaneously perform, create, improvise, respond and dialogue with other musicians seemingly effortlessly.
Musicians predated multitasking computers by centuries.
But I feel it is time to move on.  I think I want to get back into a Jimmy Buffet frame of mind.  Boats? Bars? Naked Ladies?  Stay tuned.